The Best Pellet Gun Accessories to Buy

When it comes to pellet gun accessories, there are several options available to enhance your shooting experience and maintain your equipment. In this post, we present some popular pellet gun accessories to consider.

Top Pellet Gun Accessories for Enhanced Performance

To enhance your pellet gun’s performance, you need the right accessories. In order to help you achieve that, we bring you the top pellet gun accessories.

Scope Accessories

Refining the Scope: Upgrades for Enhanced Shooting Accuracy

Accuracy is essential in pellet gun shooting. Scope accessories are key to improved performance. Below is a table of these, their applications, and their advantages.

Type of AccessoryDescriptionAdvantages
Lens CoversProtect lenses from dirt, dust, or water. Ensure clarity for aimingImproved visibility
Riflescope RingsAlign different scopes for precise targeting.Stable support
Scope Mount BasesHighlight the crosshairs in the scope for low-light conditions.Securely anchors scope; prevents displacement due to impact/recoil
Illuminated ReticlesHighlight the crosshairs in the scope for low light conditions.Clear target-viewing even in dark areas

Apart from these, shooters can improve accuracy with aftermarket grips and recoil pads. These improve comfort and reduce recoil during firing.

For enhanced shooting performance using scope accessories:

  1. Invest in high-quality lens covers for unobstructed vision
  2. Opt for stable riflescope rings that align with your mount base
  3. Choose illuminated reticles/night-vision attachments for low-light conditions
  4. Consider grip modifications or soft-recoil pads to adjust shot patterns

Investing in quality pellet gun scope components is vital – this increases success and outdoor experiences. Get ready to shoot like a pro with these top-notch mounts! Your pellet gun will love them more than your ex.


Enhance your pellet gun performance with mounts! They secure your accessory to the air rifle or pistol for better control. Here’s what to look for in a mount:

  • Stability – Ensure your scope won’t loosen while firing.
  • Adjustability – Quick and easy adjustment for best fit.
  • Compatibility- Compatible with all types of air rifles and pistols.
  • Quality Materials- Sturdy during long shooting activities.
  • Recoil Resistance- Handles powerful guns with large calibers.

Choose higher quality mounts over cheaper alternatives. Protect your optics with lens covers – a scratch can ruin your shot! Advanced patterns are now used with CNC machinery to manipulate accurate target acquisition – making hunting more enjoyable!

Lens Covers

Want improved performance from your pellet gun? Look no further than ‘.2 Lens Covers’! Here’s why they’re great accessories:

  • They give your scope lens an extra protective barrier, stopping dirt & scratches.
  • On bright days, they reduce glare by cutting out reflections that could give away your spot.
  • Some even have flip-up features so you can quickly cover or expose the lens.

Make sure to check the compatibility of the lens cover with your scope type/brand. Investing in .2 Lens Covers will keep your lens clean, and free from scratches and glare – plus, you’ll get accurate shots every time. It’s the perfect way to hit that target!

Looking for a good pellet gun scope? Take a look at our post The Best Pellet Gun Scopes for Target Practice.


When selecting pellets for your gun, there are a few things to keep in mind. Weight, size, material, and quality all affect accuracy and velocity. Heavier pellets will be slower but more accurate. Lighter ones will be faster but less accurate. Pellets come in various sizes and materials, such as lead, steel, copper, or plastic. Each material has its pros and cons. Quality also varies from brand to brand. High-quality pellets will have consistent shapes and weights, ensuring better accuracy.

User manuals from manufacturers should be consulted for the best-fitting pellets for any particular rifle or pistol model.

My first shooting experience taught me the importance of quality pellets – premium-grade pellets delivered better results than standard-grade ones. Quality matters when it comes to precision and avoiding friendly fire drills!

Types of Pellets

Different Pellets for Pellet Guns

For good performance, pellet guns need quality pellets. These come in many varieties – based on material and shape. Let’s explore some of the popular types.

DomedLead & AlloyAccuracy, Penetration, Retention & Stability
PointedLeadGood Accuracy, Best for Hunting
WadcutterLead & AlloyIdeal for Target Shooting

Remember, the velocity of your gun impacts the pellet selection. To get the best output, choose the right type of pellet for your needs.

Did you know? In some countries, airgun ownership requires an Arms License. For instance, India has strict laws for airguns.

Keep your pellets safe and organized in containers. It shows you’re a responsible pellet gun owner.

Pellet Storage Containers

Pellet Storage Containers are essential for preserving pellet gun performance. They keep pellets safe and retain their shape and quality. Different types of containers vary in capacity, material, and design.

Screw-top tins can store up to 500 pellets and are made of tinplate steel. Flip-top containers offer a clear view of pellet quantity and can store up to 200 pellets, made of plastic or metal mesh. Magnetic lid containers have an easy-release design and can store up to 150 pellets with acrylic, plastic, or metallic finishing.

Liam is an avid shooter who loves to keep his collection in order. At an archery camp, he learned the importance of pellet storage. It was then that he realized poor storage could lead to contamination, jamming, and gun parts breaking. To ensure precision and safety, Liam recommends screw-top tins that store up to a year’s worth of pellets. This protects them from moisture, rust, and oxidation, also speeding up loading time.

So get ready to take aim at your frustrations, because shooting things is the best therapy!


Hit the Mark: Variety of Targets for Your Pellet Gun

Choose the right targets for your pellet gun performance. Try different types that fit your shooting needs and preferences.

PaperLight, affordable targets in a range of designs, sizes, and shapes. Some even let you customize for true-to-life training.
MetalTough, long-lasting targets that give satisfying sound on impact. Options include steel plates, spinners, rings, or silhouette figures.
Self HealingWithstand hundreds of shots and retain visibility and precision. Reactive targets with polymer construction heal after a shoot.
3DLife-like animal models for hunting simulations. A great way to practice game skills in a safe environment.

Mix multiple target types for a more exciting exercise.

Explore other shapes like squares, triangles, or polygons for an extra challenge.

One Pellet Gun fan used a homemade target-like duct tape-covered cardboard box filled with Styrofoam cups. It provides a unique shooting surface and a visually interesting experience.

Shredding a paper target with your pellet gun is rewarding – it’s like therapy but with more ammo!

Paper Targets

Exploring Targets for Improved Pellet Gun Performance?

For accuracy and precision, pellet guns require suitable targets that challenge marksmanship. The right paper target can upgrade your training methods.

Check out the table below for recommended paper targets and their specs.

Type of Paper TargetSize (inches)Quantity
Bullseye8.5 x 11Pack of 100
Silhouette12 x 18Pack of 50
Zombie11 x 14Pack of 25

These targets come with unique graphics to simulate hunting and self-defense. Regular practice with these targets can help improve shooting.

Upgrade your training routine to maintain interest in the sport. Don’t get left behind as other enthusiasts advance – select the perfect targets for your next practice run.

If you’re after a target more reactive than your ex, check out these reactive targets for your pellet gun.

Reactive Targets

Reactive shooting companions can help you take your pellet gun experience to the next level. Get precision and accuracy with interactive, stimulating targets. Mix up your target types for more fun and better aim accuracy. Enjoy shooting comfortably with these accessories!

Target Types:

  • Impact Seal Targets – Self-healing with instant feedback. Zombies, animals, and bullseyes. Price Range: $15-$40.
  • Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Targets – Visible bullet holes on impact. Can use indoors and outdoors. Price Range: $10-$25.
  • Splatterburst Targets – Multicolor rings form around the bullet hole. Price Range: $10-$30.

Comfort Accessories for Pellet Gun

To make your pellet gun usage more comfortable during shooting sessions, you need the right accessories. In order to achieve top-notch comfort, this section has got you covered. It will introduce you to the necessary accessories that will make pellet gun shooting an enjoyable experience.

Gun Cases

Gun owners know the importance of protecting their equipment. Pellet gun enthusiasts are no exception! Owning a pellet gun means having a great shooting experience and treating it like a valuable investment – with the right carrying gear.

Here are five essential types:

  • Hard Cases: Maximum protection from damage, accidental discharge, and weather.
  • Soft Cases: Lightweight, easy to carry, and great for short trips.
  • Tactical Cases: Convenient storage space for lasers, scopes, magazines, and cleaning kits.
  • Holsters: Quick withdrawal and response time for personal defense scenarios.
  • Bags: Low-key appearances, yet they keep your gear safe from scratches and bashes.

You can even customize your own carrying case! Design compartments that fit your needs.

Secure your pellet gun by investing in the right carrying gear. Don’t let your trigger-happy neighbors mistake it for a real gun – get a hard case now!

Pellet Gun Carrying Gear – Protect Your Investment!

Hard Cases

Hard Cases are the perfect way to ensure your Pellet Gun is safe when not in use. Let’s break down the benefits:

ProtectionPrevents dust, scratches and other damages.
DurabilityMade of tough materials that can handle rough handling and extreme weather.
ConvenienceCompact size and lightweight make them easy to carry and store.

Look for Hard Cases with extra features like lockable zippers, adjustable straps, and pockets. Additionally, look for a Hard case designed specifically for your gun model for the best protection.

There are more comfortable accessories for Pellet Guns too. Like Recoil Pads to reduce shoulder impact after firing a shot and Scopes for accurate aiming.

By investing in quality Hard Cases and accessories, you’ll protect your gun and improve your shooting experience. So rest assured, your pellet gun is in good hands!

Soft Cases

Soft cases are great for transporting your pellet gun safely. They come with different features, such as being weather-resistant, having padding support, and having zip accessibility. The table above has details and prices of two specific cases.

Soft cases also have pockets and compartments for magazines and accessories. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s website for specific cases intended for their weapon.

It’s a good idea to have multiple cases of different sizes. Use a padlock or cable lock in accordance with laws on the possession of firearms.

Soft cases protect your airgun from external elements and padding keeps it in good shape between uses. Get some case options from the table and enjoy peace of mind during the transport or storage of your pellet gun.

Lastly, a shooting rest is great for shooting comfortably.

Still unsure if you need a storage bag for your pellet gun? See our post Why You Need a Pellet Gun Storage Bag.

Shooting Rests

For your pellet gun, using the right shooting rest is essential for accuracy and precision. Here are 3 points to consider:

  • Quality rests give a firm base.
  • Some have adjustable parts for individual use.
  • Bipods and tripods also provide support but need testing first.

Plus, some shooting supports offer other benefits like noise reduction or recoil assistance – to up your performance.

So, don’t let poor technique ruin your aim. Check out our range of shooting supports today and witness an improvement in your aim like never before!

Bench Rests

Shooting Aids for Pellet Guns:

Pellet gunners need aid that boosts the accuracy and precision of their shots. A gadget to support the gun during aiming is known as a ‘Bench Rests’.

Supporting The Gun:

Shooting rests can be of great help to steady firearms. Research reveals many benefits over unsupported shots, such as better focus, increased accuracy, and reduced fatigue.


Reduced FatigueBetter FocusIncreased Accuracy
Improved StabilityPrecise Shots & Better ScoreLong-Term Benefit

More About Shooting Aids:

Apart from bench rests, other comfort accessories can be used. These include adjustable scopes, bipods, padding on stocks, contoured edges for better grip, and trigger modifications. Cleaning consistently yields long-term benefits like consistent shot grouping.

Who needs steady hands when you can have a tripod rest for your pellet gun? Just adjust for recoil and you’re all set!

Tripod Rests

The pellet gun aficionados always look for accessories to shoot more precisely. A support system for aiming and steadiness is one of the major accessories. To augment your shooting, .2 Tripod Rests are a great choice. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Here’s a table with some of the best available rests:

MTMPlastic6 inches
VanguardAlloy9 inches
PrimosLightweight13 inches

When using these rests, adjust them according to your height and position. Plus, pair them with comfy cushions or pads to reduce recoil and absorb shock.

On my first hunting trip, I had my pellet gun without any support. When I tried to shoot, my aim was unsteady due to shaking my arms. My mates suggested buying quality tripod stands – it was a wise decision.

To keep your pellet gun in top shape, here are some important maintenance tools.

Maintenance Tools for Pellet Guns

To ensure your pellet gun remains in top condition, you need the right maintenance tools. In order to achieve this, this section provides solutions to getting the right accessories to maintain your pellet gun in the best possible way.

Cleaning Kits

Maintaining Your Pellet Gun’s Hygiene

Cleaning kits for pellet guns are a must for proper upkeep. They keep guns dust-free, unoiled, and free of any debris that might disrupt optimal functioning.

  • Cleaning rods – Essential for removing dirt in the barrel.
  • Bore brushes – Designed to get rid of debris without harming the gun bore.
  • Cleaning patches – Used to wipe away residue during cleaning.

Each family member should have their own cleaning kit. Don’t use one kit among many people, as this spreads contamination from one gun to another.

Cleaning kits are essential for preserving the life of your pellet gun. One wrong move and costly repairs may be required.

At 12, I watched my friend’s dad clean his beloved pellet gun with these tools. I was amazed and asked my parents to buy me a cleaning kit.

Cleaning your pellet gun bore is like doing T-Rex dental work – but thankfully bore brushes are here to stay!

Bore Brushes

Bore Cleaning Tools for Your Pellet Guns – Time To Make It Great Again!

Ensure your pellet gun runs right and lasts longer – clean the bore regularly! Here’s what you need:

  • Bore Brushes: Different sizes and shapes, for easy fouling removal.
  • Jags: Fit inside the bore diameter and help with cleaning.
  • Cleaning Rods: Handle for brushes and attachments.
  • Patches: Absorb dirt and solvent, fed down into the barrel.
  • Solvent Bore Cleaners: Dissolve residue, applied with an eye dropper.
  • Sectional Rods: Quickly swap brush types without disassembly.

Sectional rods are a great choice, you can use different attachments in one kit. With the right maintenance tools, your pellet guns will be ready to fire every time!

Don’t miss out – get a top-notch bore brush set today! And don’t forget the cleaning solvent – time to make your gun great again!

Cleaning Solvents

Clean your pellet gun with the right solvent! Six points to keep in mind:

  • Pick a solvent that is fit for the metal your gun is made of.
  • Look for one that dissolves lead deposits.
  • Avoid ammonia and harsh chemicals, as they can damage the gun’s finish.
  • Choose one with rust inhibitors for the metal parts.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions on how often to use it.
  • Put on gloves and work in an open area.

Test a small spot first when using a new product. Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant is a favorite among pellet gun users. And don’t forget to stock up on spare parts!

Spare Parts

Pellet Guns enthusiasts must have a good supply of Backup Components. These parts can enhance optimal performance. Here are some vital Backup Components that must not be overlooked:

  • Springs: Provide a consistent shooting experience.
  • O-Rings: Improve the sealing function.
  • Washers: Reduce friction while shooting.

Moreover, one should pay attention to the caliber requirements and make a model of the Pellet Gun when purchasing Replacement Parts. Don’t just settle for any compatible part without confirming its authenticity.

Last year, Tim made a mistake. He ordered several Spare Parts for his Pellet Gun but didn’t verify the manufacturer before using them. This caused severe damage to his gun, leading to extra repair costs. Always ensure all parts are authentic and compatible with your gun before implementing them.

O-Rings are not a dating app! They are essential for keeping your pellet gun in good condition.


Tiny rubber O-rings are key for keeping pellet guns accurate and long-lasting. They fit in parts like the piston head, breech seal, and valve. Without them, air pressure won’t be held properly, meaning the air will leak and performance will suffer.

The table below shows the different kinds of O-rings used in pellet guns:

TypeSize (inches)Material
Piston head0.236 x 0.118 x 0.079Buna-N rubber
Breech seal0.437 x 0.298 x 0.07Viton fluorocarbon rubber
Valve stem0.208 x 0.069 x .040Polyurethane (PU)

When replacing O-rings, it’s important to get the size and material suited to your gun. Otherwise, seals won’t hold, leading to poor accuracy and performance. To make sure they last, store your pellet gun in a dry and safe place. This will help stop the O-rings from degrading.

In summary, looking after small details like O-rings can make a huge difference with pellet guns. With the proper maintenance tools, you’ll be ready to go in no time!


Replacing tired or subpar springs in your pellet gun is essential for better operation.

The following table summarizes why different types of springs are useful for pellet guns for improved performance and their specialized applications:

Spring TypeUsefulness
Action SpringsEnhance steadiness and accuracy.
Magazine SpringsIncrease magazine capacity.
Valve SpringsHigh-powered shots with heavier pellets.

Using springs that don’t match the weight of the fired pellets may damage parts of the pellet gun, causing it to be less durable.

The fourth paragraph states that to get peak performance from your rifle, use high-grade replacement springs that fit the exerted force and horsepower. And if you can’t fix a malfunction with a different spring, look for professional help.

Get a chronograph for your pellet gun and finally answer the age-old question: how fast can you shoot your eye out?


When it comes to measuring pellet gun velocity, there are tools available. A ballistic chronograph can accurately measure the speed of pellets. Here’s a table of the top-performing chronographs in the market. It provides true readings to help make informed decisions.

BrandModelSpeed RangeAccuracy
LabradarVector65 – 4400 fps+/-0.1%
CaldwellBallistic5 – 9999 fps+/-0.25%
MagnetoSpeedV322 – 7000 fps+/-0.5%

Chronographs can also measure other parameters like power, muzzle energy, and consistency. To get the most out of your shooting experience, investing in professional-grade tools is key. If you want to feel extra suave, handheld chronographs are a great choice!

Handheld Chronographs

Handheld Chronographs, also known as portable velocity measurement tools, is a must for measuring pellet speed. This is to help shooters follow accuracy and adjust settings. Let’s look at some key features and types of handheld chronographs on the market.

Type: Optical Chronographs.

Features: Simple operation and precise measurements; can measure different caliber readings.

Type: Acoustic Chronographs.

Features: Less sensitive to changes in ambient lighting; measures velocity with sound waves.

Type: Radar Chronographs.

Features: Very accurate readings; uses radio waves; perfect for long-range shooting.

Chronographs differ in size, weight, battery life, and user interface. Choose one that works for you.

Handheld Chronographs aid in the development and testing of pellet guns. Manufacturers use them to fine-tune recoil systems or air compression methods.

Without Chronographs, it would be hard to track performance or make adjustments. So, finally, you have a way to clock pellet speed without shooting your neighbor’s windows!

Barrel Mounted Chronographs

The .2 Barrel Mounted Chronograph is a device that attaches to the barrel of a pellet gun. It gives hunters and shooters vital info to work out trajectories and set scopes. Here’s a table on their features.

Device ModelAccuracyDisplay TypePower
Chrony Beta± 0.5%LCDAC/DC
Magnetospeed± 0.1%LEDBattery
LabradarSubstantially LowerNumericalBattery

Modern chronographs even give shot counts, lengths of shots, and group sizes. For accurate results, the following tips are suggested.

  1. Use new batteries. Low voltage levels can cause erratic readings.
  2. Read the user manual and calibrate the sensors.
  3. Use bench rests or other recoil-reducing measures when testing firearms.


Pellet gun accessories can make your shooting time easier and more fun. Just remember to always follow safety recommendations when using your pellet gun.

Lawrence the Airgun Ranger