Hammers Mil-Dot Rifle Scope 3-9×40 AO Parallax Adjustable Review

This review of the Hammers Mil-Dot Rifle Scope 3-9×40 AO Parallax Adjustable Objective with 22 Dovetail Rings is an in-depth look at this top-notch scope. It provides readers with all the necessary information on this product’s features and performance.

Overview of the Hammers Mil-Dot Rifle Scope 3-9×40 AO Parallax Adjustable

The Hammers Mil-Dot Rifle Scope is the perfect choice for precision shooting! It has a mil-dot reticle & adjustable objective for parallax-free viewing. Plus, it has a 40mm objective lens diameter for great visuals in low light! The 3-9x magnification range offers versatility for multiple scenarios.

Build quality is outstanding. This scope is crafted with precision and designed to be both durable and precise. It even has an adjustable objective (AO) feature for fine-tuning parallax. The 3-9x magnification range offers versatility for shooting at different ranges.

And, it’s surprisingly affordable for its features. You get a high-end performance without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or target shooter, this optic will certainly improve your shooting performance! Don’t miss out on this amazing rifle scope – upgrade your gear & elevate your game today!

Features and Specifications

To fully grasp the features and specifications of the Hammers Mil-Dot Rifle Scope 3-9×40 AO Parallax Adjustable Objective with 22 Dovetail Rings, let’s dive into the different aspects it offers.

Optically, it’s outstanding. Images are crystal-clear and light transmission is great. Plus, the mil-dot reticle helps measure trajectory and provides accurate holdover points. Whether you’re hunting or target shooting, you’ll get great visibility and shot placement.

It comes with 22 dovetail rings, making it compatible with several firearms. Plus, it’s user-friendly and easy to install and adjust. Great for both beginners and experienced shooters.

It’s also compatible with 22 dovetail rings, making it easy to mount on various firearms. And its compact size makes it very portable. Quality & affordability meet in this rifle scope!

Adjustable Objective (AO) and Parallax Correction

Adjustable Objective (AO) and Parallax Correction boost precision when using optical devices. This feature enables users to adjust for parallax at different distances, allowing them to acquire targets precisely. Check the table below for details about this function.

Adjustable Objective (AO)Users can adjust the objective lens, eliminating parallax errors at various distances and maximizing clarity.
Parallax CorrectionCompensates for parallax errors, resulting in improved accuracy and diminishing the shift between the target and the reticle.

Moreover, users have the option to customize AO adjustments based on particular shooting conditions. This tailoring allows them to modify their optical device, enhancing performance and achieving better results.

Taking into account these features’ importance, here are some tips to consider when using Adjustable Objective (AO) and Parallax Correction:

  1. Understand how to modify AO settings: This will boost accuracy during shooting sessions.
  2. Change AO adjustment according to varying shooting distances: Tweaking these settings will optimize precision no matter the target’s proximity.
  3. Consult experts if unsure about proper usage: Obtaining expert advice can help maximize the potential of your optical device.

By following these guidelines, users can make the most of Adjustable Objective (AO) and Parallax Correction. Knowing their operation enhances accuracy, leading to better shooting experiences without compromising performance quality or desired outcomes.

Mil-Dot Reticle

A Mil-Dot Reticle is a professional tool for shooting with accuracy. It has evenly spaced dots along the vertical and horizontal lines. This reticle is used by military snipers and long-range shooters. Let’s see the specs below:

DesignCrosshair with dots on vertical and horizontal lines
Dot Size0.2 or 0.25 milliradians (mrad)
Magnification UsageBest with scopes 10x to 20x
Estimating DistanceDots measure target size, aiding distance estimation
Bullet Drop CompensationAdjustment for bullet trajectories at various distances

Plus, some reticles feature extra hash marks for windage and elevation adjustment.

The Mil-Dot Reticle offers great precision shooting abilities. It provides reliable range estimation and bullet trajectory compensation.

Dovetail Rings

Dovetail Rings have amazing features and specs! They are made from high-quality aluminum alloy. They fit telescopes with 1-2 inch optical tubes. You can attach them with screws. The inner diameter is 2.5 inches, and the outer diameter is 3 inches. The weight of each pair is about 200 grams. They are anodized black for durability and to reduce reflections.

These rings offer great stability and won’t move or slip. They are strong and protect your equipment.

Hammers Mil-Dot Rifle Scope 3-9×40 – Pros and Cons

To weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the Hammers Mil-Dot Rifle Scope 3-9×40 AO Parallax Adjustable Objective with 22 Dovetail Rings, let’s dive into the pros and cons.


  1. Mil-Dot Reticle: Mil-Dot reticles allow for better range estimation and bullet drop compensation, making it easier to adjust for different distances and wind conditions.
  2. Adjustable Objective (AO) Parallax: AO allows you to eliminate parallax error, resulting in a clearer and more accurate image when shooting at different ranges.
  3. Variable Magnification (3-9x): The ability to zoom in and out between 3x and 9x magnification levels offers versatility for different shooting scenarios, from close-quarters to mid-range shooting.
  4. 40mm Objective Lens: A larger objective lens diameter allows more light to enter the scope, improving image brightness and clarity, especially in low-light conditions.
  5. Dovetail Rings: Dovetail rings provide a secure mounting system, ensuring the scope stays in place and maintains zero even under recoil.


  1. Quality and Durability: The overall build quality and materials used can greatly affect the scope’s durability and performance. Lower-quality scopes may suffer from issues like fogging, poor water resistance, or loss of zero.
  2. Image Clarity at High Magnifications: Some budget scopes may suffer from image distortion or reduced clarity at higher magnifications.
  3. Turret Accuracy: In some cases, cheaper scopes may have turrets that are not as precise in adjusting windage and elevation, leading to inaccuracies when dialing for long-range shots.
  4. Eye Relief and Eye Box: Limited eye relief can be inconvenient and cause discomfort during shooting, especially with high-recoil firearms. Additionally, a smaller eye box can make it challenging to quickly acquire a clear sight picture.
  5. Limited Features: Budget scopes might lack additional features, such as illuminated reticles or zero-stop turrets, which can be found in higher-end models.

To determine if the Hammers Mil-Dot Rifle Scope 3-9×40 AO Parallax Adjustable Objective with 22 Dovetail Rings is the right choice for you, it’s essential to consider these factors and, if possible, research specific user reviews or consult with experienced shooters who have used the scope.


The Hammers Mil-Dot Rifle Scope 3-9×40 AO Parallax Adjustable Objective comes complete with 22 Dovetail Rings. This allows for precise targeting at various distances. It also features a mil-dot reticle, aiding in estimating the target’s distance and compensating for bullet drop. These factors and others make this scope a powerful addition to your airgun if you so desire it.

Lawrence the Airgun Ranger