Umarex .177 and .22 Caliber Air Gun Cleaning Kit Review

This Umarex Cleaning Kit is essential for keeping your air gun in optimum condition. It consists of the cleaning rod, brushes, mops, jags, pads, and driver set. Plus, a thread adapter so you can attach any standard-sized brush or mop to the cleaning rod. Keep reading this full review to find out if this complete cleaning package works for you.

Overview of Umarex .177 and .22 Caliber Air Gun Cleaning Kit

The Umarex .177 and .22 Caliber Air Gun Cleaning Kit is an amazing tool for keeping your air guns accurate and long-lasting. It includes a cleaning rod, brushes, mops, jags, pads, driver set, and thread adapter. These tools help remove dirt and residues from the gun’s barrel, giving you the best performance with each shot.

The cleaning rod is flexible enough to reach the hardest of places. And the range of brushes and mops ensures an efficient cleaning. A friend of mine recently purchased this kit and was impressed with the brushes and mops removing dirt and lead buildup.

The Umarex .177 and .22 Caliber Air Gun Cleaning Kit has great attention to detail. It is small and portable, making it easy to store. The materials used in this kit are of high quality, ensuring durability and reliability.

This overview does not cover every aspect of the kit. For more information, consult official sources or customer reviews.

Components of the Cleaning Kit

The Umarex .177 and .22 Caliber Air Gun Cleaning Kit has everything you need for optimal cleaning and maintenance. It contains:

  • a Cleaning Rod (for reaching deep into the barrel)
  • several Brushes (for specific areas)
  • Mops (for applying solvents or oils)
  • Jags (for cleaning patches)
  • Pads (for lubricants or coatings)
  • a Driver Set (for disassembling)
  • and a Thread Adapter (to attach accessories)

It also comes in a portable case, making it convenient to use. However, read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the kit to avoid any damage.

Features and Specifications of Each Component

The Umarex .177 and .22 Caliber Air Gun Cleaning Kit has a variety of tools for efficient cleaning. Here’s a table of its features and specifications:

Cleaning RodSturdy and durableLength: 33 inches
BrushesBristles for deep cleaningNylon, brass, and stainless steel
MopsAbsorbent material.177 and .22 calibers
JagsHolds cleaning patches securelyCompatible with both calibers
PadsSoft to prevent scratchesExtra thick pads included
Driver SetVersatile with different tipsFlathead, Phillips, and Allen bits
Thread AdapterAttach various accessoriesCompatible with most air guns

The Umarex Cleaning Kit also has special details. For example, its brushes are color-coded to help you identify the right one quickly. The cleaning rod is made of top-notch materials to make sure it lasts.

Pro Tip: Before using any of the kit’s tools, learn proper cleaning procedures to avoid damaging your air gun.

Usage and Effectiveness

The Umarex .177 and .22 Caliber Air Gun Cleaning Kit can be evaluated based on its components and their practical application. Let’s see what each offers:

The cleaning rod has a length that helps users reach all parts of the air gun. It efficiently removes dirt, residue, and other particles from the barrel and chamber.

The brushes are designed for different parts of the air gun, like the barrel and internals. They help dislodge stubborn dirt and debris. They maintain cleanliness within the air gun’s intricate parts, ensuring smooth functioning.

The mops apply solvents or oils evenly to different areas of the air gun. This deep cleans while providing proper lubrication.

Jags help patch and pull through cleaning patches by attaching them to the jag’s looped end. This eliminates fouling agents from inside the barrel.

Pads help apply solvents or oils onto various surfaces of the air gun. This is done without wastage or messiness.

The driver set has specialized tools for disassembling and reassembling the air gun. This facilitates easy removal of components for thorough cleaning and maintenance.

The thread adapter ensures compatibility with various cleaning attachments, allowing for adaptation to different air gun models.

Users have reported positive results with the Umarex kit.

Pros and Cons

The Umarex .177 and .22 Caliber Air Gun Cleaning Kit has pros and cons. Let’s explore them.


  • The kit’s cleaning rod is sturdy and dependable. It cleans air guns with .177 and .22 barrels well.
  • This kit has brushes, mops, jags, and pads. So you can clean all parts of the air gun.
  • The driver set makes maintenance easy. Disassembly and reassembly are quick.
  • The thread adapter is compatible with various threads. So it fits different air guns.


  • The brush bristles wear down quickly. So they need replacements often.
  • The kit is not compact. Some prefer a more portable one.
  • It caters to .177 and .22 calibers only. Not suitable for others.
  • Some components can wear out over time. Quality concerns.

User Tips

Feedback shows the kit is reliable and effective. To use it well:

  1. Inspect the brush bristles for replacements.
  2. Carry a portable cleaning set for quick cleaning.
  3. Consider individual caliber requirements before buying.
  4. Store components in protective cases or compartments.

Follow these tips to make the most out of the Umarex .177 and .22 Caliber Air Gun Cleaning Kit. It ensures efficient maintenance and long-lasting durability.


In conclusion, this Umarex cleaning kit is great for any air gun enthusiast. Highly recommended if you’re serious about air gun hobby or sport shooting activities.

Pro Tip: Clean your air gun regularly to ensure accuracy and extend its lifespan. Clean right after use or every few weeks.

Lawrence the Airgun Ranger