RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Gun Cleaning Kit and Targets Review

The RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit Gun Cleaning Kit and Targets can play an essential role in ensuring your air gun’s longevity and performance. Keep reading for further details of this cleaning kit in this complete review.

Overview of the RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit Gun Cleaning Kit and Targets

This kit includes cleaning rods, brushes, patches, and oils, all made with precision and durable enough for regular use. The oils are specially formulated to lubricate and protect your air gun’s moving parts.

Plus, the package also includes targets designed specifically for air guns, with clear markings and scoring areas. These targets help you track your progress as you aim for precision.

By purchasing this kit, you get all the necessary tools for cleaning your air gun as well as the opportunity for target practice.

To maximize your air gun’s lifespan, make sure to clean it regularly with the RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit Gun Cleaning Kit.

The RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit Gun Cleaning Kit and Targets offers everything you need to make your air gun shooting experience better. It has cleaning tools, targets, and more. Here’s a look at the key components and features:

Cleaning toolsBrushes, rods and patches for cleaning your air gun.
TargetsHigh-quality targets for shooting practice.
Pellet holdersHolders for organizing your pellets during shooting.
LubricantSpecial lubricant for smoother air gun performance.
Shooting glassesProtective eyewear to keep your eyes safe from debris.

This kit is special because the cleaning tools are designed specifically for air guns. The targets are also designed with precision in mind.

Performance of the RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit

The RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit is remarkable!

The RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit stands apart from other kits with its special features. Its cleaning efficiency is out of this world, leaving no space for any foreign particles that could affect gun performance. Moreover, the targets have amazing accuracy, letting shooters hit their mark with precision.

An exciting historical fact about the RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit is that it has been a trusted choice by professional shooters for many years. Its trustworthiness and performance make it a go-to option for those who need the best from their air guns.

Pros of the RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit

The RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit is a boon for air gun fanatics! Its main advantages are:

  • An all-inclusive package, saving time and energy.
  • High-grade materials for long-term use.
  • Its compact size makes it handy for travel.
  • Varied targets to suit all skill levels.
  • Easy-to-follow cleaning guide.

Moreover, the kit provides an adjustable target stand, for a tailored shooting session. For maximum efficiency, follow the maintenance schedule mentioned in the guide.

Cons of the RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit

The RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit comes with some cons as well. It has basic cleaning tools but lacks variety. Also, the included targets have limited design and quality. Some users find them repetitive and not challenging enough. Lastly, the case of the cleaning kit may not be strong enough.

Despite these drawbacks, the kit still offers value for its purpose. It can be beneficial for novice shooters. However, buyers should weigh the pros and cons before they purchase. It’s an individual decision and depends on personal needs. Consider exploring other options available in the market that may satisfy your specific requirements.

Cleaning Tips

To make the most out of this kit, here are some tips:

  1. Clean your air gun regularly to get rid of dirt.
  2. Practice shooting with the targets.
  3. Use the lubricant for smooth operation.

By following these suggestions, you can make the most of the RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit. You’ll enjoy improved shooting accuracy and performance.


The RWS Air Gun Shooter’s Kit Gun Cleaning Kit and Targets offer great value. It comes with all the tools for thorough gun maintenance. The kit is affordable compared to others. Yet, despite its low price, it does not sacrifice quality or functionality. This makes it perfect for beginners and experienced shooters.

Lawrence the Airgun Ranger