The Best Survival Pellet Guns

When in survival situations, every tool you can get will help keep you alive and safe. This is especially true when you need to find food in the wild. This is where a pellet gun can come in handy.

Can Pellet Guns Be Used For Survival?

Yes, they can. And while pellet guns may not have the stopping power of a traditional firearm, they can still be incredibly effective when used properly and help keep you alive.

Surviving in the wild using just basic tools (a knife, twine, rope, etc.) and your own skills can be difficult and risky. Food, water, and shelter are not going to be easy to make or come by. So, having an easy-to-use weapon to help when hunting small game can be critical to keeping you alive.

When in the woods, small game such as rabbits and birds can be hunted with a pellet gun. Pellets are also cheap and come in large quantities. A pellet gun with a few containers of pellets can last for quite a while, even when using the gun regularly.

Why Use A Pellet Gun For Survival?

Pellet guns are easy to use and they don’t require much training or practice to be effective. This makes them a good choice for people stuck in survival situations.

Some advantages pellet guns provide for survival include:

  • Quiet
  • Easy to learn and shoot
  • Inexpensive
  • Very accurate sites
  • Very effective with scopes
  • Legal to purchase and own in most states
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Pellets do not expire
  • No gunpowder required

Pellet guns are lighter and easier to carry than gunpowder rifles and make far less noise when firing.

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What To Look For In A Survival Pellet Gun

When looking to purchase a pellet gun for survival purposes, you need to make sure that you get the right one. Not all pellet guns are created equal, and some are better suited for survival than others. You want to make sure you get the one that fits you best because it can end up being your best friend.

Here are some things to consider in a survival pellet gun:

  • Accuracy
  • A scope
  • Shoulder sling
  • A storage bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Pump powered
  • Accessories

Using a pellet gun with a scope may be a problem if it gets bumped and loses its aim. A scope could also be damaged and be unusable in rough conditions. So, it may be better to know how to use a regular aim site if the scope is not effective.

A pellet gun may need to be carried long distances while hunting for game. So, having a shoulder sling will help save energy.

C02 or air canisters can offer good velocity for the initial shots, but this will decrease. Spring-loaded pellet guns also are limited in the amount of air pressure they can store. So, pump systems are recommended because they don’t need canisters and offer good velocity.

The Best Pellet Guns for Survival

When it comes to survival pellet guns, some factors to consider include reliability, accuracy, durability, and ease of use. Some of the best survival pellet guns on the market today are:

  1. Crosman 1377: This is a classic air pistol that has been around for decades and is known for its reliability and accuracy.
  2. Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1: This air rifle is powerful, accurate, and comes with a noise-dampening technology that makes it an ideal choice for survival situations.
  3. Benjamin Marauder: This air rifle is powerful, accurate, and can shoot multiple pellets in a single shot. It is also known for its durability and reliability.
  4. Umarex NXG APX: This air rifle is lightweight, easy to use, and has an adjustable stock that makes it perfect for people of all sizes. It is also known for its accuracy and reliability.
  5. Beeman P17: This air pistol is affordable, easy to use, and accurate. It is also known for its reliability and durability.

Another example of a good survival pellet gun is the Ruger Air Hawk Scope Combo – .177 – 1000 fps.

Ultimately, the best survival pellet gun for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It is recommended that you do your research and try out different models before making a purchase. Additionally, it is important to ensure that you are trained and familiar with the proper handling and safety procedures for using a pellet gun.

Which Caliber Pellet Gun Is Best For Survival?

A big factor when deciding on which pellet gun to choose is knowing what kind of game you will be hunting.

Pellet guns generally come in 3 calibers:

  • .177
  • .20
  • .22

.22 is a large caliber pellet round and provides a good size for hunting small game. Pellet guns can also come in larger calibers that can pack quite a punch and also be useful for survival.

For more information on air gun caliber sizes, see our post The Most Powerful Air Guns.

How To Store Survival Pellet Guns

You can store a pellet gun in a case, bag, or DIY storage container. DIY storage containers can be made using a large diameter PVC pipe with end caps that screw on and off. Just unscrew the end cap and pull out the rifle when you need it.

Storing a pellet gun that you are using for survival is not difficult and is critical to keeping it functioning.

What To Avoid When Using A Pellet Gun For Survival

Perhaps the two biggest things to worry about when using a pellet gun in the wild are water and dirt. Dirt and mud can clog up the barrel or internal mechanism if the gun is dropped. This is why a shoulder sling is critical to have as well as keeping a tight grip on it at all times. Water can also rust the gun and cause it to malfunction. This could risk your survival if you are trapped outdoors for a long period.

To Close

Pellet guns are lightweight and effective weapons to use in survival situations. Just make sure to choose the right pellet gun and practice using it before you head out into the wild on your own.

Lawrence the Airgun Ranger