Crosman .177 Bolt Action Air Gun Review

The Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump Pellet and BB Air Gun is a must-have for any air gun enthusiast or beginner. In this review, we go over its features as well as its pros and cons, so keep reading!

Features of the Crosman .177 Bolt Action Pellet and BB Air Gun

Crosman has been a reputable name in the air gun industry for over 90 years, offering quality craftsmanship and innovation. Get an advantage on your next shooting adventure with this top-notch air gun from Crosman!

The Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump Pellet and BB Air Gun is an indispensable tool for pellet and BB shooting.

  • It has a bolt action system, allowing for reloading quickly and easily.
  • Plus, the variable pump feature gives the user control over power and velocity.
  • It supports .177 caliber pellets and BBs, offering shooters options based on their needs.
  • And, a high-capacity reservoir ensures extended shooting without needing refills.
  • This air gun stands out with its ergonomic design and adjustable sights.

Its bolt-action design ensures quick and accurate shots. This air gun also has a variable pump system, allowing the user to control the velocity for outdoor or indoor use. Plus, it’s compatible with pellets and BBs, providing flexibility for shooters.

One shooter described using it for target practice and being impressed by its accuracy and consistency. Its ease of use and durability make it a great choice for beginners and experienced shooters.

Pros and Cons

The Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump .177-Caliber Pellet and BB Air Gun have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look.


  • Accuracy: Precise shots from the bolt action design.
  • Variable Pump System: Adjust the power of each shot.
  • Dual Ammo Compatibility: Shoot pellets and BBs.
  • Ease of Use: It’s simple and user-friendly.
  • Durability: Quality materials for years of use.


  • Limited Range: Lower velocity affects shooting at longer distances.
  • Noisy Operation: Not too loud, but could be an issue in certain situations.
  • Pumping Effort: Manual pumping between shots can be tiring.
  • BB Magazine Capacity: Holds up to 18 BBs at a time.
  • Sights Adjustment: May need additional adjustments for accuracy.

User Experience and Feedback

The user experience and feedback for the Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump Pellet and BB Air Gun is highly positive.

Performance: It offers powerful and consistent performance, perfect for target shooting and small game hunting.

Accuracy: Its bolt-action mechanism makes precise shots, making it popular among precision shooters.

Versatility: The ability to switch between pellets and BBs lets users choose ammunition based on their preferences.

Build Quality: Users are pleased with the sturdy build quality of this air gun. It feels solid and is very durable.

Ease of Use: The air gun’s variable pump system is easy to use. It gives users control over power output, catering to different shooting needs. Plus, it is relatively lightweight, so it won’t cause fatigue during long shooting sessions.

The user experience and feedback overall indicate that the Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump Pellet and BB Air Gun is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced shooters. It provides exceptional performance, accuracy, versatility, and durability.

Possible Issues with the Crosman .177 Bolt Action Air Gun

The Crosman .177 Bolt Action Air Gun is another popular air rifle choice, known for its affordability and reliability. However, like any mechanical device, it may have its share of issues. Here are some potential concerns to be aware of:

  1. Accuracy inconsistencies: Some users have reported issues with accuracy, especially if the airgun is not properly maintained or if low-quality pellets are used.
  2. Scope mount shifting: If you’re using a scope, there might be occasional issues with the scope mount shifting due to the recoil of the airgun.
  3. Pellet jamming or misfeeding: Occasionally, the bolt action mechanism might experience pellet jamming or misfeeding, which can be frustrating.
  4. Trigger issues: Some users might find the trigger pull on the Crosman .177 Bolt Action Air Gun to be heavier or less smooth than desired.
  5. Seal or O-ring leaks: Over time, the seals or O-rings inside the airgun can wear out, leading to air leaks and a decrease in power.
  6. Sights and optics: The included iron sights might not be as precise as you’d like, and some users may prefer to add a scope.
  7. Cocking effort: Depending on the model, some users might find the cocking effort of a bolt action airgun to be on the higher side, which can be a concern for younger or less physically strong shooters.
  8. Firing noise: While airguns are generally quieter than firearms, they can still produce noise, especially at higher velocities.

Remember that many of these issues can be minimized or resolved through proper maintenance and regular cleaning.

Shooter Tips

Here are some tips to enhance the shooting experience:

  • Invest in Optics: Scopes or red dot sights can improve accuracy.
  • Noise Suppression: Attach a suppressor or use subsonic pellets.
  • Pellets Selection: Experiment with different pellet types and weights.
  • Optimize Pumping Technique: Learn proper pumping techniques.
  • Carry Spare Magazines/BBs: Extra magazines or BBs for uninterrupted shooting.

These suggestions can help you make the most of this air gun and enjoy a reliable and enjoyable shooting experience.


The Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump Pellet and BB Air Gun, makes a significant reflection on the airgun marketplace. From its pinpoint accuracy to its diverse design, it’s clear this air gun offers plenty of value.

Lawrence the Airgun Ranger