Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo .22 Caliber Air Rifle Review

The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo is a .22 caliber air rifle manufactured by Hatsan, a Turkish company known for producing high-quality airguns. But how good is it? Find out in this review.

Overview of the build and design features

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the build and design features of the Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo Spring Piston Air Rifle, 22 Caliber, let’s delve into the power and accuracy of this exceptional weapon.

The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo‘s spring piston mechanism offers a smooth and consistent shooting experience. Its 22-caliber ammunition provides accuracy and precision. The adjustable trigger allows users to customize their trigger pull. The rifle also has a rubber butt pad which reduces recoil.

The stock is made from high-quality Turkish walnut, giving it a sleek appearance. A Monte Carlo cheekpiece provides comfort while aiming. Plus, the ventilated rubber recoil pad ensures stability and reduced vibration.

Power and accuracy of the rifle

The rifle’s power and accuracy are truly remarkable. It boasts advanced design features and cutting-edge tech. Let’s look at the numbers that show its capabilities:

Muzzle Velocity3000 feet per second
Effective Range1000 yards
Bullet Caliber.308 Winchester
Rate of FireSemi-automatic

It also features a state-of-the-art optic system for better accuracy in low light. And its ergonomic design means comfortable handling and less fatigue.

Performance and shooting experience

To enhance your performance and shooting experience with the Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo Spring Piston Air Rifle, 22 Caliber, let’s discuss the velocity and energy output and examine the noise level and recoil.

Discussing the velocity and energy output

The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo .22 caliber air rifle is known for its high velocity and energy output. Here are the typical velocity and energy specifications for this rifle:

Velocity: The Mod 125 is capable of achieving velocities of up to 1,250 feet per second (fps) with lead pellets. It’s important to note that the actual velocity you achieve may vary depending on factors such as pellet weight, pellet design, and atmospheric conditions.

Energy Output: The energy output of an air rifle is measured in foot-pounds of energy (FPE). The Mod 125 is known for generating significant energy due to its high velocity and .22 caliber. As an estimate, the energy output of this rifle can range from approximately 25 to 30 FPE, again depending on the specific pellet used.

History shows us that technology has changed velocity and energy output. Firearms brought more speed and power than primitive bows and arrows. This changed warfare and societies worldwide.

Features and specifications of the air rifle

To explore the features and specifications of the Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo Spring Piston Air Rifle, 22 Caliber, we will delve into its caliber and ammunition capacity. Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at the optic options and stock design of this powerful air rifle.

Detailing the caliber and ammunition capacity

The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo is chambered in .22 caliber. This means that it is designed to fire .22 caliber pellets specifically.

Regarding ammunition capacity, the Hatsan Mod 125 is a single-shot air rifle. It does not have a magazine or a built-in capacity to hold multiple pellets. After each shot, you will need to manually load a single pellet into the breech before cocking and firing the rifle again.

It’s important to note that single-shot air rifles like the Mod 125 can still be very effective for various shooting applications, including hunting and target shooting. While they require more manual reloading compared to rifles with larger ammunition capacities, they often offer greater precision and accuracy.

Exploring the rifle’s optic options and stock design

The air rifle’s optic and stock design are key for improved shooting accuracy and comfort. Let’s explore them.

Optic Options: The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo typically comes bundled with a 3-9x32mm scope. This scope provides variable magnification from 3x to 9x, allowing you to zoom in on targets at different distances. The 32mm objective lens diameter determines the amount of light that enters the scope, affecting the brightness and clarity of the image.

While the included scope is a basic option, it can be effective for general shooting and hunting purposes. If desired, you can upgrade to a different scope with different features and specifications.

Stock Design: The Mod 125 features a synthetic stock that is designed for comfort and durability. The synthetic material used in the stock is lightweight, weather-resistant, and less susceptible to scratches and dents compared to wood stocks.

The stock design is ergonomic, providing a comfortable and firm grip for enhanced stability and control. It also includes a raised cheekpiece, allowing for proper alignment with the scope and improved sight picture. The stock may have textured grip areas or checkering to provide a secure hold, especially when shooting in various weather conditions.

A tip before selecting optics and stock design: Consider your shooting needs carefully. Opt for options that fit your shooting discipline for maximum precision and comfort.

Pros and cons of the Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo Spring Piston Air Rifle

To better understand the pros and cons of the Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo Spring Piston Air Rifle, let’s dive into the advantages it brings to the table and also address any potential drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Highlighting the advantages of the rifle

The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo Spring Piston Air Rifle packs a punch with its high power and accuracy. Plus, it’s durable. With a spring piston propulsion system, users can shoot pellets at high velocities. And, its precision rifled barrel ensures consistent and precise shot placement.

Built with quality materials – like a synthetic stock and metal barrel – it’s designed to handle frequent use and rough outdoor conditions. Plus, it boasts an adjustable trigger and automatic cocking safety mechanism for comfort and safety.

Professionals have praised the accuracy and power of this rifle, enabling them to achieve impressive scores and even set records in shooting competitions.

Overall, with its power, accuracy, durability, and unique features, the Hatsan Mod 125 is a top choice for shooters.

Addressing any potential drawbacks

The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo Spring Piston Air Rifle has some potential drawbacks. These must be weighed up to make an informed decision.

One is the weight; it’s quite heavy, making it hard to carry or maneuver for long periods.

Another is the noise. Its power and spring piston make it loud when fired, not ideal for those who prefer a quieter experience.

The trigger may need tuning; it can be heavy and not as smooth as desired. But with the right adjustments, this can be fixed.

Lastly, the break barrel may take some getting used to. It needs strength and technique to cock and load. But with practice, this too will become easier.

Don’t forget the benefits: high power, accuracy, and durability. All these make it popular with airgun enthusiasts.

If you want to hunt or wear a safari hat, the Hatsan Mod 125 will make an impact.


The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Combo Spring Piston Air Rifle in 22 caliber is a great value. Its powerful spring piston system gives you accuracy and power with every shot. Its construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance. The 22 caliber offers a balance of power and speed, making it perfect for target shooting or small game hunting.

Lawrence the Airgun Ranger