Mantis 3 – 9×32 MM AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope Review

The Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope is a must-have for hunters and target shooters. It’s packed with features that guarantee precise and accurate shooting. Keep reading for a complete review.

Overview of the Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope

The Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope is a top pick for hunting and target shooting. Super precise parallax adjustable optics make this rifle scope a must-have for accurate shooting.

The Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope stands out with its parallax adjustable optics. This eliminates parallax error, which can make your target appear out-of-focus or misaligned. Adjusting the parallax makes sure the target remains sharp, improving accuracy.

This rifle scope also stands up to tough conditions. It is constructed with strong materials and can handle rough handling and any weather. Whether you’re in rugged terrain or shooting in bad weather, this rifle scope will work reliably.

Features and Specifications

Features of the Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope include:

Size3-9×32 mm
Reticle TypeMil-Dot
Adjustment TypeParallax Adjustable
Optics QualitySuper Precise

With a 3-9x magnification and 32mm objective lens, this rifle scope offers detailed views. The mil-dot reticle helps ensure your shots are spot-on.

On his next hunt, he could see his target clearly through the clear optics. Parallax adjustments gave him a crisp image. With the help of this amazing scope, John confidently bagged his prey with accuracy.

Benefits and Performance

The Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope offers hunters and target shooters exceptional precision and versatility. Let’s take a closer look at its key features:

Plus, its advanced parallax adjustment provides precise targeting at different distances. And its nitrogen-filled design ensures fog-proof performance, even in challenging weather.

The mil-dot reticle of this scope is particularly helpful. It enables easily and rapidly ranging and aiming at many distances. Hunters requiring exact shots on moving targets or in dim conditions will benefit from this feature.

Moreover, the adjustable objective (AO) helps users avoid parallax errors, leading to greater accuracy at different ranges. It is perfect for short and long-distance shooting.

This scope is constructed robustly for outdoor use. It is nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed, providing waterproof and fog-proof performance even in harsh weather.

It also has generous eye relief, allowing you to keep a comfortable stance while aiming. The lenses are fully multi-coated, giving you bright and clear images in any lighting.

Benefits: Superior Accuracy, Clear Optics, Durable Construction, Easy Adjustment & Quick Target Acquisition.

User Experience and Feedback

The Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope has received rave reviews from users. They laud its parallax adjustable optics for hunting and target shooting.

User Experience and Feedback:

AspectsRating (Out of 5)
Ease of Use4.2

Users love the clarity of the Mantis scope, giving them a clear view of their targets. Its durability has also gotten compliments, as it stands up to rough handling. Ease of use has also been praised, with many finding it easy to adjust the settings. This makes it suitable for novices and experienced shooters alike.

The precision of the scope is remarkable. The adjustable optics give accurate shots at various distances, making it a great choice for all shooting scenarios.

Pro Tip: To get the most out of your shooting experience, mount the Mantis scope on a stable platform. This will improve both stability and accuracy during your hunts or target shooting sessions.

User Tips

To make the most of this scope:

  1. Get familiar with the mil-dot system.
  2. Test various magnification settings.
  3. Regularly clean and maintain your scope.

Follow these tips to unlock the full potential of the Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope – and enhance your hunting and target shooting experiences!


The Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope is a great option for hunting and target shooting fans. Its parallax adjustable optics give superb clarity and accuracy, making sure every shot is on point. If you are looking for a good air rifle scope, consider this one!

Pro Tip: For the best shooting experience with the Mantis 3-9×32 mm AO Mil-Dot Air Rifle Scope, team it up with a high-grade air rifle. This will give you ultimate precision and accuracy during your hunting or target shooting trips.

Lawrence the Airgun Ranger