Why Are Crosman Airguns Special?

Crosman Air Guns Special

Crosman airguns are special for several reasons, including being high quality and reliable. But what else makes them so popular amongst airgun enthusiasts? Find out below. Overview of Crosman Airguns Crosman’s airguns have a special edge over other brands. They provide great accuracy and are loved by hunters and hobbyists. They come in varied sizes, … Read more

Can an FX Airgun Be Used for Self Defense?

Self Defense Airgun

Airguns are primarily designed for recreational and sporting purposes. But is it ever recommended to use an airgun, including an FX Airgun, for self-defense purposes? Find out below. What is an FX Airgun? An FX Airgun is a type of airgun manufactured by the Swedish company, FX Airguns. These airguns are known for their high … Read more

All About Air Gun Ballistics

Air Gun Wood Stock

Air guns fire projectiles at certain speeds and distances, and this is what partly separates them from other types of firearms. Knowing the ballistics of the air gun you are firing can help you adjust your aim and hit the target successfully. Air Rifle Ballistics The term ‘ballistics’ refers to the science of the motion … Read more

The Most Powerful Air Guns

Air Gun Competition Tips

Air guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And though they are less powerful than gunpowder rifles, they can pack quite a punch. We discuss this further below. What Makes A Powerful Air Gun? The power of air guns is based on the following factors: Perhaps the two most important factors affecting air … Read more