The Most Powerful Daisy Airguns

Daisy Airguns are an essential part of shooting sports and hunting. They are simple and user-friendly, popular with both newbies and experts. Let’s explore the most powerful Daisy Airguns! Types of Airguns Daisy Offers Daisy has several different types of airguns. Break-barrel, multi-pump pneumatic, single-stroke pneumatic – each has its own features and advantages. To … Read more

How Powerful are Crosman Airguns?

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Crosman is a well-known brand in the airgun industry and has been producing airguns for over 90 years. The power of Crosman airguns can vary depending on multiple factors. Keep reading below to find out more. Types of Airguns Crosman Makes Crosman airguns can be categorized into three main types: CO2-powered, pneumatic, and spring-powered. CO2-powered … Read more

Can an FX Airgun Be Used for Self Defense?

Self Defense Airgun

Airguns are primarily designed for recreational and sporting purposes. But is it ever recommended to use an airgun, including an FX Airgun, for self-defense purposes? Find out below. What is an FX Airgun? An FX Airgun is a type of airgun manufactured by the Swedish company, FX Airguns. These airguns are known for their high … Read more

What Can An Airgun Penetrate?

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Air rifles are not known for having strong penetration capabilities. Find out if this is true below. Can An Airgun Penetrate A Human Skull? Yes, if you shoot a person at very close range, the round could penetrate the skull and even kill the person. Likewise, a bb or pellet can cause bone fractures in … Read more