The Quietest Air Pistols

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Air pistols are the quietest firearms out there. However, they can still make enough noise to draw attention to the shooter. So, what are the quietest air pistols, and what makes them so? Find out in this post. How Loud Are Air Pistols? The air gun community generally considers anything below 130 decibels (dB) to … Read more

The Best Survival Air Pistols

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Survival situations demand a person has the tools to keep themselves safe and able to obtain food and shelter. One such tool is a firearm, which can help protect from predators and hunt game. Air pistols offer a number of advantages over other types of firearms that may make them a better choice in some … Read more

The Most Powerful Air Pistols

Air Pistol C02

Air pistols are not the most powerful handguns out there, however, they are a popular choice for target shooting and hunting. But which air pistols pack the most punch? Find out below. Calibers Of Air Pistols Air pistols are available in a number of caliber sizes, including: It’s essential to choose the right caliber for … Read more

Are Air Pistols Safe?

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Air pistols are fun to perform target practice with, and even to hunt small game or varmints in your yard. However, they may present some safety risks. Keep reading to find out what they are. The Different Types Of Air Pistols Air pistols use compressed air, gas, or CO2, to shoot pellets or BBs. Compared … Read more