Air Rifles vs Bows & Arrows

Air Rifle vs Bow and Arrow

Air rifles and bows & arrows are effective at specific ranges and against certain types of targets. Here we will take a look at both, and compare them. Air Rifles Vs Bow And Arrow Shooting Distance When it comes to shooting distance and accuracy, there are some differences between air rifles and bows and arrows. … Read more

Air Rifles Vs Blowguns

Air Rifle vs. Blow Gun

Air rifles and blowguns are both projectile weapons that shoot ammunition using pressurized air or gas. But how else are these two similar, and what are their differences? Find out below. Air Rifles Vs Blowguns Shooting Distance Air rifles can shoot accurately up to 50-100 yards. However, they can shoot up to 300-400 yards inaccurately … Read more

Air Rifles Vs Crossbows

Air Rifle vs Crossbow

When it comes to choosing between an air rifle and a crossbow, there are a number of factors to consider. Both weapons have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand what each one can offer before making a decision. Differences Between Air Rifles and Crossbows Air rifles and crossbows are two … Read more

How Do Air Rifles Work?

How Air Rifles Work

Air rifles are great for both beginners and experts alike. Like other firearms, they have internal and external mechanisms that allow them to operate. Air Rifle Internal Mechanics There are different types of air rifles available, each with unique ways of propelling rounds down range. These include: Spring Piston Air Rifle Mechanics A spring piston … Read more

The Best Caliber For Air Rifles

Air Rifle Pellet Caliber

Air rifles come in a range of calibers, and a discussion amongst air rifle owners often includes which caliber is best. What is an Air Rifle’s ‘Caliber?’ Air rifle caliber refers to the diameter of the bore (the inner part of the barrel) of an air rifle. It is usually expressed in millimeters or inches … Read more