The Best Air Rifles For Beginners

Air Rifle For Beginners

Shooting air rifles are a fun and inexpensive way for beginners to learn how to handle firearms safely. But which ones are best? Find out below. Why Are Air Rifles Great For Beginners? Air guns are great for beginners because they are affordable, easy to use, and have little recoil. Recoil is the backward motion … Read more

How Do Air Rifles Work?

How Air Rifles Work

Air rifles are great for both beginners and experts alike. Like other firearms, they have internal and external mechanisms that allow them to operate. Air Rifle Internal Mechanics There are different types of air rifles available, each with unique ways of propelling rounds down range. These include: Spring Piston Air Rifle Mechanics A spring piston … Read more

How Far Can An Air Rifle Shoot?

Air Rifle Distance - How Far Can It Shoot?

Air rifles are known to be less powerful versions of gunpowder firearms, which means they cannot shoot as far. But is this true? Find out below. What is the Range of An Air Rifle? Air rifles can shoot a varying set of distances, which can be anywhere from 10 yards to over 100 yards. Air … Read more