CO2 Vs PCP Airguns

C02 Air Pistol

C02 and PCP airguns share many similarities. But which one is the best performer? Let’s look at each type’s pros and cons to find out. PCP And C02 Air Gun Similarities PCP and C02 airguns work in very similar ways. They use air pressure or C02 held in a reservoir or cartridge attached internally or … Read more

Spring Vs PCP Airguns

Airgun Target Pellets

Spring-powered and PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air guns are two different types of air guns that operate using different mechanisms. In this post, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. What Does Air Gun PCP Stand For? PCP stands for pre-charged pneumatic (PCP). The term pre-charged refers to the stored air canister or tank that … Read more