BB Gun Accessories Explained

A bb gun is a type of air gun that fires small projectiles called bbs. They are often used for recreational shooting, training, or pest control. While bb guns are relatively simple weapons, there are some accessories that can make them more effective, quieter, and easier to use.

BB Gun Accessories

BB gun accessories include:

  • Barrels
  • Scopes
  • C02 tanks
  • Stocks
  • Compressed air tanks
  • BB round magazines
  • Silencers
  • Shoulder slings
  • Targeting lasers
  • Bipods

BB gun accessories are available for nearly every model on the market. Of these, the most popular accessories are scopes, bipods, and lasers.

BB Gun Barrels

BB gun barrels are just like other gun barrels, in that they keep the bb heading in the direction it is aimed at. They are also rifled and direct the bb out and towards the target at high speed. BB gun barrel lengths vary depending on the manufacturer as well as the type it is. A pistol will obviously have a much shorter barrel than a rifle.

Bb gun models vary in their capacity to have new barrels installed as replacements for the originals. Some models simply cannot have their barrels switched out for a new one.

BB gun barrels can also be enhanced with extra grips, straps, and silencers. Make sure to choose the barrel size that is best for you.

The most common barrels are 455 mm that use standard 6mm BBs. Different-sized bb gun barrels are available of course, with each one matching the caliber of the round being fired.

In general, the lighter the bb, the shorter the barrel can be. If the bb is larger and heavier, a longer barrel will help keep its trajectory and increase its velocity.

BB Gun Scopes

Most models of bb guns allow for the attachment of sighting scopes.

Bb gun scopes can help the shooter aim more accurately, making it easier to hit the target at longer distances. Scopes can be attached to both pistols and rifles.

It is important to make sure that the bb gun scope you buy is of good quality. Otherwise, it may not hold up under use. There are many different types of scopes available on the market, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

An example of a bb gun scope is the Daisy Outdoor Products 4 x 15 Scope.

BB Gun C02 Tanks

The C02 tank on the bb gun is a small metal canister that holds the gas. When you shoot, it releases the gas from the tank and this is what powers the bb gun. These types of bb guns are very powerful and can shoot through things like cans, cardboard, and even wood.

CO2 tanks are most often found on pistol bb guns, rather than rifles. BB gun C02 tanks can provide power for around 650 shots. Make sure to only buy a C02 tank that matches the bb gun model you are using.

An example of a bb gun C02 tank is the Crosman 12 Gram CO2.

BB Gun Stocks

BB guns can have wood, metal, or plastic stocks.

The stock can help you hold the gun more easily and make it more accurate. Some stocks have adjustable cheek pieces so that you can adjust how you hold the gun. This can help you shoot better as well as provide more comfort and make shooting funner.

An example of a wood bb gun stock is the Cowboy Big Hoop

BB Gun Compressed Air Tanks

Bb guns can have additional compressed air tanks that are not C02. These fit on the bottom of the stock or barrel area and provide enough compressed air to allow for many shots.

BB Gun compressed Air Tank

This is the same way a paintball gun works. The compressed air tank is filled with air, usually at a sporting goods store. When you shoot, the bb gun valve opens and lets out a burst of air that sends the bb out of the barrel.

An example of a bb gun compressed air tank is the AirForce Carbon Fiber Spare Tank, Spin Loc, .457 Caliber.

BB Gun Round Magazines

BB guns can usually hold between 600-700 bbs. Additional bb gun round magazines can be purchased and are often used for pistols.

A magazine is inserted into the bottom of the bb gun and provides a certain amount of rounds to be fired before reloading is necessary. Magazines are often constructed from metal or plastic, with metal being more durable.

An example of a large bb gun round magazine is Walther PPK/S BB Magazine.

BB Gun Silencers

BB gun silencers can be added to the end of the barrel which will make the gun even quieter and also lengthen the barrel a bit. This can be a valuable addition for those who want to shoot without disturbing others.

Silencers also allow shooters to fire more accurately, as they reduce recoil. There are many different types of bb gun silencers on the market, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some silencers are made from metal, while others are made from synthetic materials.

BB gun silencers are also called “moderators”. An example of a bb barrel moderator you can purchase is the Daystate Air Stream Reflex-MK4/Huntsman.

To find out more about bb gun sound levels, see The Quietest BB Guns.

BB Gun Shoulder Slings

Carrying a bb gun for a long time while target shooting or hunting for small game can get tiring and put a strain on your shoulders and back. And even though bb guns are generally low in weight, this can become quite painful.

That is why bb gun shoulder straps can be purchased online. They are often made of nylon material and are very sturdy and lightweight.

An example of a bb gun shoulder strap is the Accmor 2 Points Extra Long Rifle Sling.

BB Guns With Lasers

Laser-targeting attachments are available for bb guns and make aligning with the target a bit easier. They are also very neat to have. Laser-targeting attachments are also perfect for training purposes, as they can help you improve your accuracy.

The purpose of a laser is to highlight the target with a red dot. They also work well at night or dusk when lighting is diminished.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a bb gun laser sight. First, you need to make sure that the bb gun is capable of using a laser sight attachment. Not all bb guns have this capability, so it is important to make sure before purchasing one.

An example of a bb gun laser attachment is the Tactical Laser LED 200 Lumen Gun Flashlight.

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BB Gun With Bipod

Bipods enhance the shooter’s stability while being stationary. This is accomplished by either resting the front of the bipod on the ground or by attaching the bipod to a fixed surface. Either way, this allows the shooter to maintain a more consistent shooting position and thus achieve better accuracy.

Bipods are especially good at providing a stable shooting platform for hitting targets from a long distance.

An example of a BB gun bipod is JustBBGuns Airsoft BB Gun Bipod 20mm RIS mounted long foldable extendable bipod.

BB Gun Storage Bags And Cases

Storing bb guns properly is crucial to keeping them safe and lasting a long time. One way to store bb guns is in a gun storage bag or case. These bags and cases come in a variety of sizes and colors, and some even have camouflage patterns.

Most bb gun storage bags and cases have compartments for both the bb gun and its accessories. This can include the bb gun’s magazine, cleaning supplies, and bipod.

BB guns can also be stored in ordinary rifle or pistol bags and cases. In fact, this is perhaps the best way to protect them.

An example of a gun case that can be used for bb gun rifles is the Benjamin Soft Rifle Case, 48″.

To Close

BB guns have many useful accessories available to add to them. These can enhance their targeting ability and overall comfort while carrying. However, just like other firearms, no accessory can make them any less dangerous to the shooter or those nearby, so keep safety in mind at all times.

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