The Most Powerful BB Guns

Bb guns are not known for being very powerful in comparison to other types of firearms. Or are they? In this article, we are going to take a look at the most powerful air guns on the market, and why they are so.

How Powerful Are BB Guns?

When most people think of air guns, they think of small, backyard BB pistols that can only shoot a few dozen yards accurately. While there are certainly air pistols like this on the market, there are also some very powerful air rifles that can shoot far and pack a substantial punch.

Non-blowback C02 pistol bb guns shoot at speeds of around 400 FPS. Spring-loaded blowback bb guns shoot at speeds slightly less, around 350 FPS. Much of this, however, depends on the gun’s manufacturer. Before purchasing a bb gun, make sure to look at the specs and any reviews available.

Another factor when considering the power of a bb gun is the bbs themselves. BBs are made of steel or tungsten, with zinc or copper plating for corrosion resistance. BBs weigh roughly 5 – 5.5 grains in weight. The larger the bb, the more power it will have due to its weight. However, smaller ones can fly with more speed.

Overall, BB guns are not as powerful as gunpowder rifles or pistols. Compare a bb to a .357 magnum pistol round, which travels at 1295 FPS and weighs quite a bit more. A bb gun cannot provide the same hitting power as a gunpowder pistol such as this. If you are looking to stop a home intruder, perhaps consider purchasing a regular handgun instead.

This makes bb guns a great choice for target practice or small-game hunting. BB guns are also relatively inexpensive to purchase and operate.

The Most Powerful Spring BB Guns

If you are looking for a very powerful spring bb gun, try the Daisy 880 Rifle that shoots a .177 caliber bb. These often come with their own scope and allow for shooting pellets as well. They have a 50-round storage capacity and each shot can travel up to 800 FPS.

Spring bb guns are very popular because they do not require an extra C02 or air pressure tank. All you need to do is cock the gun and it is ready to shoot. There is a wide selection of spring bb guns available with new models hitting the market each year. However, this is great if you are a bb gun connoisseur or collector.

Many people also like to use bb guns for hunting. Some people might think that bb guns are not powerful enough to take down a deer, but this is simply not true. Much of this depends on how the bb gun is aimed.

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The Most Powerful C02 BB Gun

C02 bb guns are certainly powerful enough to use as target shooters and pest control. They are quite fun as well. However, the most powerful C02 bb gun pistol is not necessarily easy to spot when shopping for it.

One model is the GLOCK 19 Gen3 – CO2 BB Pistol. This model offers a good amount of power averaging around 390-400 FPS in ordinary conditions. It is also priced competitively with other pistols of similar to less strength.  

To Close

The title of the most powerful bb gun on the market usually passes from one manufacturer to another as they try to out-compete each other. However, if you are looking for a powerful gun, perhaps consider a gunpowder rifle or pistol instead. Regardless, all guns are dangerous so always keep safety in mind when handling them.

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