Can Pellet Guns Shoot BBs?

Pellet guns are popular target shooting guns that many people buy, both ordinary people and gun enthusiasts alike. However, what happens when you try to shoot a bb out of a pellet gun? Is this possible? Find out below.

Can Pellet Guns Use BBs?

Yes, but only certain pellet guns can shoot bbs. The bbs must be the same diameter as the pellet or it won’t fit, or it could jam the gun. If a bb is too small it could get stuck in the gun’s mechanism, requiring the gun to be taken apart to get it out. It also will not be propelled out of the gun because the air will go around it in the barrel. BBs fired from a pellet gun that cannot shoot them can also damage the rifling of the gun.

An example of a pellet gun that can shoot bbs is the Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump .177-Caliber Pellet and BB Air Gun.

How To Use BBs In A Pellet Gun

When using bbs in a pellet gun, make sure the pellet gun is designed to handle the bb material. If the bbs are made of steel, they can easily damage the gun because steel is a very hard material. Instead, you can choose copper-coated or plastic bbs to use in your pellet gun.

The pellet gun magazine you have may not be designed to hold bbs, so trying to squeeze them in will not work. In fact, the only pellet guns that hold bbs may only hold one shot at a time.

If the pellet gun can also shoot bbs, then you should be able to load the bbs the same way as the pellets. The pellets are loaded from the top in a small opening. The bbs will go in this same hole, but it may be a little bit difficult to get them in without dropping them. You should also make sure that the bbs are well in place so that they don’t fall out when you shoot.

But before you try, make sure they are the right diameter and the package clearly states that the gun can also shoot bbs.

Breach Loading Pellet Guns Can Shoot BBs

Breach-loading pellet guns load from the rear, one shot at a time. This type of pellet gun can shoot BBs, which makes them a popular choice for small game hunting and target shooting. They are also often used for pest control. Because they are breach-loading pellet guns, they can be cocked and loaded while the barrel is still closed. The downside of this type of pellet gun is they are limited to one shot at a time.

Most pellet guns are top loading with a pull-back lever opening. Just drop the bb or pellet in and close the breach and you are ready to fire as long as it has been pumped.

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To Close

Different types of pellet guns exist. Some pellet guns can shoot bbs, but you must make sure the package say so before attempting to shoot them. If you put a bb in a pellet gun, it may become jammed if it is not designed for it.

Lawrence the Airgun Ranger