Can You Reuse BBs?

BBs come in packs of 1000 or more, and they are fairly inexpensive. But if you chose to reuse bbs that were already fired, could you? Find out below.

Can You Reuse Steel BBs?

It is possible to reuse steel bbs, but it is not recommended. This could lead to damaging the airgun or causing poor performance. However, if you have used steel bbs that show no signs of damage, they could be reused without much problem.

Do not reuse lead bbs as they are easily dented when they hit hard surfaces. Since bbs are so inexpensive and come in such large quantities, it is better to just reload the bb gun with new bbs and continue shooting.

Can You Wash BBs And Reuse Them?

You can certainly wash metal BBs and try to reuse them. However, bbs made of soft material, such as airsoft bbs, should not be washed and reused, even if they appear ok.

Steel bbs are durable and will not likely break upon impact. So, they can be washed and used again. However, the shooter must weigh the pros and cons of putting their airgun at risk of being damaged by a damaged bb.

Are BBs Damaged By Hitting A Target?

Yes, BBs are most likely going to be damaged by hitting a target. Even if there are only microscopic changes to the bb’s surface or structure, they will be affected. This will make them unsafe to be used again. If you see a bb with dents or visible imperfections, then throw them away and use another one.

A bb that has been damaged could break apart in the gun or when fired. This can damage the bb gun or lead to injuries to anyone nearby. A bb with a damaged structure will not fly the same as a perfectly round one. This means the trajectory of the bb will be changed, potentially hitting something or someone in the area.

Can You Shoot A BB That Was Dropped On The Ground?

BBs are very small and easily dropped. So, one might wonder if they can be simply scooped up and used in a bb gun.

It is best to not pick up a bb from the ground and put it into your gun. It could have acquired dirt or dust that will clog up the gun and lead to damage. Ultimately, the gun will need to be cleaned out, repaired, or replaced leading to extra cost.

BB packages are also spillable, which can be a frustrating situation when you want to have some quick fun target shooting.

So, if you spill your bbs or drop a few of them, do not pick them up and use them. Instead, grab those that are remaining and use those, or open a new container of bbs.

Do BBs Expire?

No, bbs do not expire and can be used many years after purchasing them. However, if the package has gotten wet at some point, the bb’s may be rusted. Do not use rusted bbs in your bb gun. It is best to simply buy and use another package of fresh bbs.

To Close

BBs are not expensive to purchase which makes them great ammunition for target shooting. However, convenience may entice a person to want to reuse them if they can. If you do so, make sure to keep safety in mind and not to put the gun itself at risk of damage from a used BB.

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Lawrence the Airgun Ranger