Full Auto BB Guns – Can You Make One?

Full auto BB guns? Controversial! While these are technically possible, they are potentially dangerous and illegal. So, let us see if a bb gun can rapidly unleash a hail of BBs.

Understanding Full Auto BB Guns

To understand full-auto BB guns, delve into how they work. Discover what full-auto BB guns are and explore why they are so popular. Learn more by examining the sub-sections: “What are full auto BB guns?” and “How do they work?”.

What are Full Auto BB Guns?

Full auto BB guns: they fire multiple rounds in a jiffy – usually at 300-800 rounds per minute! These guns are designed to look and feel like real firearms and are commonly used for recreational or training purposes.

Plus, they have a larger magazine capacity than traditional airguns, which means you can shoot for longer without reloading. However, they can be dangerous if not handled properly and should only be operated by trained individuals.

They also offer a unique feature – the ability to switch between fully automatic and semi-automatic firing modes, giving users more control over their shooting experience. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions and safety protocols before using a full-auto BB gun.

Pro Tip: Always wear proper eye and ear protection when using any type of firearm or airgun. Full auto BB guns: Because sometimes, just one shot isn’t enough to scare the neighbors.

How Do They Work?

Full-auto BB guns fire several rounds per second when the trigger is pressed. This is achieved with a motor-driven piston system that cycles rounds from a magazine into the chamber. Then, they get enough pressure to shoot out the barrel and hit the target.

The motorized piston system can be driven by batteries or gas. It works in two ways: blowback and non-blowback. Blowback is more realistic, with recoil simulation. But, it needs more maintenance. Non-blowback has fewer parts and is easier to look after.

Different full-auto BB guns have different velocities and ammunition capacities. This enables users to customize their experience. But, some countries have strict regulations on these firearms.

Safety tip: Always wear protective eye gear when using BB guns. They can cause injury if not used responsibly. Don’t just throw a handful of BBs and hope for the best!

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Can You Make a Full Auto BB Gun?

To make a full-auto BB gun, you need to understand the laws and regulations surrounding its production and have access to the required materials and tools. In this section, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of making a full-auto BB gun and provide guidance on the materials and tools needed. But first, we’ll explore the legal considerations in detail.

Laws and Regulations on Making a Full Auto BB Gun

Constructing a full-auto BB gun? You must comply with a range of laws and regulations. These are to ensure public safety and the proper use of firearms. Don’t break any rules when building your gun.

Understand the specific requirements in your area. In some places, owning a full-auto BB gun is illegal. So, research local and national regulations and get permits before you start.

Keep up to date on changes in firearm regulations. Laws may change quickly, so stay informed.

While constructing, make sure all parts are correctly assembled. Use appropriate tools and guidelines. Get an expert or professional to help if needed.

Adhere strictly to laws and regulations. This ensures safety for all. Take precautions to prevent injury or death from recklessness.

Materials and Tools Needed to Make a Full Auto BB Gun

To craft a full-auto BB gun, you’ll need special components and tools. An air compressor or CO2 canister is essential for powering the firing mechanism. For efficient firing, you’ll also need a 6mm steel/aluminum barrel (18cm long), priming fluid, and ammo (BB pellets).

Other components include receiver parts, gear set, motor, battery/charger, and tools like drill press, grinders, and soldering iron. Remember to comply with the laws of your country when modifying your firearm.

Manufacturing full-automatic BB guns is no easy task! We owe our admiration to former firearm makers who experimented and set standards still used today! Follow this guide to turn your BB gun into a BB machine gun.

Step-by-step Process to Make a Full Auto BB Gun

Creating a full-auto BB gun requires some knowledge and woodworking skills. Here’s a three-step guide:

  1. Design and build the frame using strong materials like steel or aluminum.
  2. Add automatic functions such as electronic blowbacks, inertial trigger mechanisms, and recoil-loading chambers.
  3. Install an air compressor with enough power to fire compressed air.

You need precise assembly, appropriate tools, and durable components to make a successful BB gun. It’s important to note that making a fully automatic firearm that can cause harm is illegal in many countries. According to Forbes Magazine, combining parts to create a weapon is a jailable offense in the US.

Homemade Full Auto BB Gun

Safety first, but also make it fun…and slightly terrifying!

Safety Precautions While Making a Full Auto BB Gun

When crafting a full-auto BB gun, safety is key. Here are the steps you must take to ensure no accidents or injuries:

  1. Put on gloves and eye protection the entire time you build.
  2. Read and understand manufacturer instructions for each part.
  3. Do not modify any parts beyond the guidelines.
  4. Test-fire in an unpopulated area before taking it out in public.
  5. Keep away from children and never leave them unsupervised.

Plus, keep your workspace neat and tidy to avoid placing parts in the wrong places.

The unsafe use of homemade firearms has caused plenty of accidents. So, safety must come first when building full-auto BB guns.

Using one is like a real-life video game but with permanent consequences.

Using a Full Auto BB Gun

To effectively handle and use a full auto BB gun, understanding proper handling and maintenance, shooting techniques, and safety measures are essential solutions. In this section, titled “Using a full auto BB gun,” we will introduce the following sub-sections: proper handling and maintenance, shooting techniques, and safety measures.

Proper Handling and Maintenance

Handling and maintaining a fully auto BB gun requires skill and caution. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Always wear protective gear before using the gun.
  2. Keep your fingers off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.
  3. Point the muzzle in a safe direction while loading, unloading, or carrying.
  4. Clean the gun regularly after use.
  5. Use high-quality ammo for optimal performance.
  6. Store the gun in a dry, cool place.

Also, it is important to check the laws on owning full-auto BB guns before purchasing or using them. Did you know in certain countries, such as Australia, owning a fully auto BB gun without permission can lead to jail time?

Strict laws were imposed after misuse of these weapons led to serious outcomes. Let’s practice responsible ownership and handling of these guns at all times.

And remember, if you don’t hit your target with a full-auto BB gun – keep shooting until you hit something.

Shooting Techniques and Safety Measures

As you get ready to fire your full-auto BB gun, it is important to know shooting techniques and safety matters. This will guarantee you a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

Here are five steps to take when using your full-auto BB gun:

  1. Always make sure the BB gun is pointing in a secure spot before using it.
  2. Become acquainted with the gun’s safety features and how to work them.
  3. Don’t shoot in an area where people or animals are around.
  4. Put on protective gear such as eye and ear protection while shooting.
  5. Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

It’s also essential to remember that pellet guns differ in power, with some being more powerful than others. Make sure you choose ammo suitable for your airgun.

Lastly, here are some ideas to enhance your shooting experience.

  1. Look into buying quality BBs, which are often more reliable and accurate than the cheaper ones.
  2. Also, practice often to boost accuracy and skill, gradually increasing distances as you progress.

By following these shooting techniques and safety rules, you’ll have a positive experience when using a full-auto BB gun and promote responsible ownership of pellet guns. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility…or in this case, just a really fun way to shoot!


Making a full auto BB gun yourself? Not advised! It’s complex and requires expert mechanical and engineering skills. Plus, a wrong move can lead to injury – irreversible injury! Best to buy a BB gun that has passed safety tests.

Also, beware of legal issues. Depending on where you live, creating a full-auto BB gun could get you into serious trouble. And don’t forget the risk of hurting yourself or others due to shoddy craftsmanship.

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