How Accurate are Kalibr Airguns?

Kalibr Airgun Cricket2

Kalibr has a reputation for producing high-quality airguns that are designed to be accurate and reliable. But how accurate are they? Find out below. Where are Kalibrguns Made? Kalibr Airguns are made in the Czech Republic, which is a country in Central Europe. What is Special About Kalibr Airguns? There are several things that are … Read more

What Calibers Do Kalibr Airguns Come In?

Kalibr Airgun

Kalibr airguns are available in a number of different caliber sizes, each to meet different shooter needs and preferences. We discuss this further below. Available Kalibr Airgun Calibers Kalibr airguns come in a variety of calibers, including: Kalibr offers a range of airguns in different calibers to suit different shooting needs and preferences. Some of … Read more

The Most Powerful Daisy Airguns

Daisy Airguns are an essential part of shooting sports and hunting. They are simple and user-friendly, popular with both newbies and experts. Let’s explore the most powerful Daisy Airguns! Types of Airguns Daisy Offers Daisy has several different types of airguns. Break-barrel, multi-pump pneumatic, single-stroke pneumatic – each has its own features and advantages. To … Read more

Are Benjamin Air Guns Good for Pest Control?

Benjamin Air Gun Pest Control

Are Benjamin Air Guns really effective for hunting and pest control? Let’s take a closer peek at the overview. Overview of Benjamin Air Guns These guns are known for accuracy, ease of use, adjustable triggers and stocks for user comfort. When choosing an air gun for pests, consider what type of pest is targeted. For … Read more

Does Daisy Air Guns Make PCP Airguns?

PCP Air Gun

Daisy Air Guns are known for their accuracy and consistency, and they are popular choices among serious airgun enthusiasts and competitors. But do they make PCP airguns? Find out below. Daisy Air Guns’ Product Line Known for their strength and accuracy since 1886, they have invented plenty of advances in the air gun industry. This … Read more

The Best Survival Pellet Guns

Pellet Gun Survival

When in survival situations, every tool you can get will help keep you alive and safe. This is especially true when you need to find food in the wild. This is where a pellet gun can come in handy. Can Pellet Guns Be Used For Survival? Yes, they can. And while pellet guns may not … Read more

Are Daisy Air Guns Good for Hunting?

Daisy Air Gun Hunting

Are Daisy Air Guns good for hunting? Yes! They can be great for taking down small game, like rabbits and squirrels. But for larger game, like deer or bear, you may need something with more power. Keep reading to find out more. Understanding Daisy Air Guns It’s worth knowing Daisy air guns have a long … Read more

Why Are Gamo Air Guns Special?

Gamo Air Gun Special

Gamo air guns have global renown. But what makes them unique? Top-notch design, engineering, and high-quality materials. These are just a few things that make them special. History of Gamo Air Guns Gamo air guns have been a favorite pick among shooters for decades. Let’s explore the history of these unique air guns. Here’s a … Read more

The Best Gamo PCP Air Guns

Gamo PCP Air Gun

Gamo PCP air guns are special. They have pre-compressed pneumatic technology, and are accurate, powerful, and adaptable. It is more expensive than other kinds of air guns, but it gives great performance. We go further in-depth below, so keep reading! Top 5 Gamo PCP Air Guns in the Market Are you in search of a … Read more

Can Gamo Air Guns Be Used For Hunting?

Gamo Air Gun Hunting

Gamo air guns are ideal for hunting small game. They’re lightweight, simple to use, and accurate at short ranges. But can Gamo air guns be used for hunting? Let’s explore! Types of Gamo Air Guns for Hunting There are various types of Gamo air guns that can be used for hunting small game or pests. … Read more

Air Gun Maintenence and Care Tips

Air Gun Maintenence

To maintain and care for your air gun, follow these simple tips. These practices will ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the air gun, while also keeping it safe and secure. Cleaning and Oiling of Air Guns When it comes to air guns, regular cleaning and oiling are musts. If you neglect this, it … Read more

How Quiet Are Air Guns?

Air Gun Pellets

Air guns are known for being quiet which is one reason they are fun for target shooting. But how quiet are they? Find out below. Are Air Guns Quiet? Yes, air guns are considered quiet in comparison to gunpowder firearms. Some air guns are so quiet they can barely be heard by the shooter. In … Read more

How to Choose the Right Air Gun for Your Child

Air Guns Kids

Choosing the right air gun for your child can be an important decision. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an air gun for your child. Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Guns for Your Child To choose the right air gun for your child, consider their age and size, the purpose of the … Read more

Air Gun Targets Used in Competition

Air Gun Targets Competition

Competing with air gun targets is a must! They come in standard shapes and sizes. The classic is a paper bullseye and techy light-up scoreboards. But is this all? Find out below. Types of Air Gun Targets Used in Competition Air gun competitions require accuracy and skill from marksmen, along with targets to shoot at. … Read more

The Different Types of Air Gun Targets

Air Gun Targets Types

Air gun shooting is a fun pastime. To be good, one must know the types of air guns and the correct ammo. You also need to learn about targets, which we discuss below. Different Types of Air Gun Targets Air gunners look to upgrade their shooting skills and accuracy by practicing on different targets. So, … Read more

The Quietest Pellet Guns

Crosman Air Guns Special

Pellet guns are relatively quiet when compared to gun-powder pistols or rifles. But how quiet are they? Find out in this post. How Loud Are Pellet Guns? Pellet guns are not very loud in comparison to gunpowder rifles or pistols. However, they can be loud enough to bother neighbors and scare off wild animals. They … Read more

Best Pellet Guns For Beginners

Pellet Gun Beginners

When learning to shoot, beginners can benefit from a gun that helps them learn without much safety risk. . Pellet guns are great for first-time shooters for this reason, among others. But which pellet guns are best for beginners? Find out in this post. Pellet Guns For Beginners The best pellet guns for beginners will … Read more

Why Are Crosman Airguns Special?

Crosman Air Guns Special

Crosman airguns are special for several reasons, including being high quality and reliable. But what else makes them so popular amongst airgun enthusiasts? Find out below. Overview of Crosman Airguns Crosman’s airguns have a special edge over other brands. They provide great accuracy and are loved by hunters and hobbyists. They come in varied sizes, … Read more

Air Guns Used in Competitions

Air Guns Competition

Air Guns are an exciting way to get involved in competitive sports. They vary in design, weight, and power, depending on the type of competition. We discuss this further below, so keep reading to find out more. Basic Introduction to Air Guns Used in Competitions Taking part in air gun competitions requires serious practice and … Read more

Advanced Air Gun Competition Tips

Air Gun Competition Advanced

Advanced air gun competition requires a high level of skill, experience, and dedication. If you’re already an experienced air gun shooter and looking to take your game to the next level, then keep reading to learn some advanced competition tips. Nailing the Basics To master the basics of advanced air gun competition with the right … Read more

Can Pellet Guns Shoot BBs?

BBs Round Steel

Pellet guns are popular target shooting guns that many people buy, both ordinary people and gun enthusiasts alike. However, what happens when you try to shoot a bb out of a pellet gun? Is this possible? Find out below. Can Pellet Guns Use BBs? Yes, but only certain pellet guns can shoot bbs. The bbs … Read more

Air Gun Competition Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to air gun competition, here are some tips to help you get started. Choosing the Right Equipment To ensure you have the best possible experience in air gun competitions and optimize your performance, you must focus on choosing the right equipment. In this section, we will help guide you to choose the … Read more

How Powerful are Crosman Airguns?

crosman air rifle1

Crosman is a well-known brand in the airgun industry and has been producing airguns for over 90 years. The power of Crosman airguns can vary depending on multiple factors. Keep reading below to find out more. Types of Airguns Crosman Makes Crosman airguns can be categorized into three main types: CO2-powered, pneumatic, and spring-powered. CO2-powered … Read more

The Different Types of Air Gun Competitions

Air Gun Competitions

Air gun competitions come in many forms! In this post, we discuss the different types and what they are all about. Air Gun Competitions – Types There are several types of airgun competitions, some of which include: These are just a few examples of the different types of airgun competitions that exist. Each event has … Read more

Can You Reuse BBs?

BBs Hand

BBs come in packs of 1000 or more, and they are fairly inexpensive. But if you chose to reuse bbs that were already fired, could you? Find out below. Can You Reuse Steel BBs? It is possible to reuse steel bbs, but it is not recommended. This could lead to damaging the airgun or causing … Read more

How Accurate are Umarex Airguns?

Umarex Air Gun Accurate

Umarex is a well-known manufacturer of airguns, producing a wide range of models with varying features and capabilities. But how accurate are they? Find out below. How Accurate is an Airgun? Some high-end pellet guns are said to have excellent accuracy, even at distances of up to 300 yards. However, the vast majority of pellet … Read more

Best BB Guns For Kids

BB Gun Kids

Kids have used bb guns to shoot targets for ages. But at what age should they be allowed to use a bb gun? And which bb gun is best for them? Find out in this post. Should Kids Be Allowed To Use BB Guns? That answer really depends on the maturity of the child. Generally, … Read more

Can an FX Airgun Be Used for Self Defense?

Self Defense Airgun

Airguns are primarily designed for recreational and sporting purposes. But is it ever recommended to use an airgun, including an FX Airgun, for self-defense purposes? Find out below. What is an FX Airgun? An FX Airgun is a type of airgun manufactured by the Swedish company, FX Airguns. These airguns are known for their high … Read more

BB Gun Accessories Explained

BBs Round Steel

A bb gun is a type of air gun that fires small projectiles called bbs. They are often used for recreational shooting, training, or pest control. While bb guns are relatively simple weapons, there are some accessories that can make them more effective, quieter, and easier to use. BB Gun Accessories BB gun accessories include: … Read more

The Most Powerful BB Guns


Bb guns are not known for being very powerful in comparison to other types of firearms. Or are they? In this article, we are going to take a look at the most powerful air guns on the market, and why they are so. How Powerful Are BB Guns? When most people think of air guns, … Read more

The Quietest BB Guns

BB Gun Pistol

BB guns are known for not making very much noise. But are there differences in sound levels between the various types of BB guns? Find out below. Factors That Affect BB Gun Noise There are many factors to consider when it comes to how loud a BB gun is. One of the most important factors … Read more

What Can An Airgun Penetrate?

Plastic Bottles

Air rifles are not known for having strong penetration capabilities. Find out if this is true below. Can An Airgun Penetrate A Human Skull? Yes, if you shoot a person at very close range, the round could penetrate the skull and even kill the person. Likewise, a bb or pellet can cause bone fractures in … Read more

How Long Do Air Guns Last?

Air guns are a type of gun that uses compressed air to fire projectiles. These guns come in a variety of sizes and can be used for recreational purposes, hunting, or even self-defense. Air guns are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. But how long will they last? Find out below. … Read more

All About Air Gun Ballistics

Air Gun Wood Stock

Air guns fire projectiles at certain speeds and distances, and this is what partly separates them from other types of firearms. Knowing the ballistics of the air gun you are firing can help you adjust your aim and hit the target successfully. Air Rifle Ballistics The term ‘ballistics’ refers to the science of the motion … Read more

The Most Powerful Air Guns

Air Gun Competition Tips

Air guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And though they are less powerful than gunpowder rifles, they can pack quite a punch. We discuss this further below. What Makes A Powerful Air Gun? The power of air guns is based on the following factors: Perhaps the two most important factors affecting air … Read more

How To Make Your Own Air Gun Range

Air Gun Targets

Air guns are a fun way to perform target shooting without causing much noise or danger to oneself or anyone nearby. Setting up your own air gun range is a relatively easy process if you have the space. Here are a few tips to get you started. Backyard Air Gun Range Backyard air gun ranges … Read more